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Do you hear people saying that "Print kills trees" or "Print is not effective"? Want to set the record straight but don't know where to find the information you need? Look no further. These Value of Print tools—in Print, Web, and Mobile—were created to help spread the correct message about:

  • Print's environmental impact
  • Its effectiveness, and
  • The true economic footprint of the printing industry.

 These tools also contain a listing of trusted resources for more information on the subject.

We hope that you will use these collated facts, figures, and statistics to set the record straight and promote the true Value of Print. To learn more, read on. You can also view videos, blogs, and other media in the Tools and Resources box to the left.


The Value of Print Flip-Book is your off-line, tangible tool to promote the value of print. Flip through the pages of this handy, displayable book for facts on print's Misconceptions, Effectiveness, By the Numbers, and Resources.

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Want to access the Value of Print Flip-Book on your computer or share its information easily with a client or partner? Download the PDF for convenient desktop viewing.

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The Value of Print Mobile App delivers all of the facts, statistics and resources of the Flip-Book plus current, searchable data to help you promote the value of print—all at the touch of a button. Access a variety of valuable features on the go like:

  • RSS feed: the most up-to-date facts and statistics to support print's effectiveness
  • Printing industry market data from the 2011 Print Market Atlas. Customize your search to view print statistics by location—national, state, or region. Then look at an overview of the chosen location with shipments, establishments, and employment. Each of these overviews will allow for filtering by market segment and printing process. The results are displayed in a chart or graph format—whichever you prefer.
  • Supported facts to respond to misconceptions and confirm print's effectiveness

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Published on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 (updated 05/30/2014)