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Welcome to the Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs Consulting Page. In some cases a simple phone call or email is not enough to address your company’s specific EHS situation. This is where the value of our EHS team’s extensive background with nearly 45 years of combined printing-industry-specific experience can benefit you. Regardless of the compliance concern or issue, the EHS Affairs team can apply the necessary expertise and knowledge to help solve a problem, prevent trouble, or respond to an enforcement action or citation.

The primary advantage that the EHS staff brings to the relationship is that we know printing from the inside and out. This means you do not have to spend precious time and money educating other consultants about your operation, which means you get cost-effective professional assistance. In addition, the EHS staff knows the regulations that apply to printers and can apply the knowledge of printing and regulations to take a business expense and turn it into a competitive advantage. The EHS staff has been able to save its clients thousands of dollars by navigating the regulatory process and negotiating with the appropriate agency.

The EHS Affairs staff is able to assist you with a variety of compliance requirements with an industry-specific approach that enables the printer to achieve accurate and satisfactory resolution. The many ways in which our EHS Affairs staff can help you include:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Compliance Assistance Environmental compliance can involve federal, state, and local agencies’ requirements, and our staff can cut through the maze of requirements and identify those that are directly applicable. The services include conducting compliance audits to assess compliance with air, waste water, storm water, hazardous and solid waste, community right-to-know requirements. We can also recommend cost-effective solutions for achieving and maintaining compliance.

If desired, our staff can also provide, develop, and implement individual site-specific programs designed to meet your compliance obligations. The programs include setting strategic plans, customizing air permit emission tracking spreadsheets, completing and submitting environmental reports, understanding and meeting wastewater pretreatment requirements, hazardous waste management, recycling, or minimizing solid and hazardous waste; and the storage and management of chemicals, inks, and solvents.
Obtaining Environmental Permits

In many instances state or local agencies require you to apply for and obtain permits before you can undertake certain activities such as adding a printing press or discharging industrial waste water to your local sewer authority. The EHS staff has extensive expertise in permitting printing operations, and we can guide you along the permitting process path. We can easily undertake or assist with the application for and negotiating of permit terms and conditions associated with air pollution construction/operating, waste water discharge permits, and other permits.

Achieve “Green” Certification

The demand for sustainable green printing continues to increase, and this has required the printing industry to respond. There are several certification programs that are commonly required, and the EHS staff has the knowledge and support materials to assist you in seeking Forest Steward Council (FSC), Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), or Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership certification. Each of these programs has their unique requirements, including written programs and employee training.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance

The biggest misconception with OSHA is that it does not apply to companies with less than 10 employees. As soon as you hire your first employee, OSHA regulations apply, and our staff is prepared to help you meet your health and safety requirements. The services include conducting compliance audits, mock inspections, reviews, and assessments on all appropriate OSHA regulations, including hazard communication, personal protective equipment, machine guarding, electrical safety written programs, technical procedures, record keeping, and OSHA’s mandatory training requirements.

Evaluate ANSI/ISO Conformance

These standards are very powerful tools that have many uses for equipment safety, including being used as specifications in sales agreements for new and used equipment. The EHS staff has the background, experience, and knowledge necessary to evaluate the condition of presses and binding and finishing production equipment with respect to conformance with the applicable American National Standard Institute (ANSI) B65 and/or International Standards Organization (ISO) standards.  

Responding To EPA and OSHA Inspections

One of the most stressful times is after an inspection by an agency, as many times they are unannounced and come as a complete surprise. The EHS staff has vast experience in helping prepare for EPA and OSHA inspections as well as responding to any notices of violation, citations, and penalties. Our staff can review and interpret rules applicable to the specific inspection and/or citation and assist with informal and formal conferences with EPA and OSHA personnel. 

EPA, DOT and OSHA Training

 See the training page for more information.

For more information contact Gary Jones at 800-910-4283, ext. 794 or by clicking here.


Published on Monday, January 10, 2011 (updated 06/03/2016)