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The Value of Print Resources

Print Grows Trees
"Focus on re-forestation rather than de-forestation. Supporting paper gives tree farmers the financial incentive to renew forests rather than clearcut them. Think before you DON'T print."

Choose Print
"Print is a powerful resource that can grow your business and actually help sustain forests."

Print in the Mix
"Even in the digital age, print is an essential piece in the marketing mix."

American Forest & Paper Association
"The national trade association of the paper and forest industry emphasizes sustainable practices and recycling."

Mail Moves America
"Advertising mail fuels many American jobs in the mailing industry."

Print Power
"Promote print media through focused advertising as a complement to online and television advertising."

Direct Marketing Association
"Emphasizes direct marketing as a powerful tool that yields high ROI and responsibly educates consumers about their mail preference choices."

Down to Earth
"Print on paper pays off economically and pays back environmentally."

Paper Because
"Paper is a sustainable, renewable, recyclable, plant-based product that connects us in so many ways to the important things in life."

The Paper Life Cycle
"Promotes a wider understanding and positive action around the key environmental issues affecting the life cycle of paper."

Paper Recycles
"Recycling increases energy efficiency, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and promotes sustainable forestry practices."

SGP (Sustainable Green Printing Partnership)
"Print plays a vital role in the graphics communications industry, and sustainable business practices ensure continued viability and growth."

Two Sides
"Understand sustainability issues related to the graphic communications supply chain and more effectively promote the sustainability of our industry and your business."

"Eco-friendly products and services from a company that has been doing it the "green" way for years."

Print in the Mix: A Clearinghouse of Research on Print Media Effectiveness
This clearinghouse advocates print as a viable and effective ROI in the marketing media mix by presenting compelling, verifiable, and factual data from a variety of academic and reputable sources that make the case for print.

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May I freely use the content on the Print in the Mix website?

We welcome and appreciate the use of Print in the Mix materials with proper attribution and within reason. Print in the Mix content shouldn't make up the majority of any organization's publication, website, blog, etc.

We ask that you please:

  1. Credit the author(s) of the research we summarize (we provide top-line abstracts of industry and academic research--we are not the authors of the research).
  2. Attribute Print in the Mix as the source of the summary and provide a link to us or note our address ( Referencing Print in the Mix lends credibility to the data being cited, as we are recognized for featuring vetted research from trusted industry and academic sources. It also gets the word out about this site and its promotion of print!

Published on Monday, January 24, 2011 (updated 05/30/2014)