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Printing Industries of America’s Economics and Research Department provides the industry with up-to-date accurate information on the economy and print markets. Each year reports, forecasts, and benchmarking surveys are produced by this group. You can utilize many of the statistics generated by this department to support print and the printing industry. Information includes:

Industry Surveys
A large portion of the content released by the Printing Industries of America Economic and Market Research Department originates from surveys that are conducted on a regular basis. Members of the association can use this information to develop, guide, and benchmark their operations. Firms that participate in surveys receive the results of each survey for free. These surveys include:

  • Quarterly Print Market Survey: Detailed data tabulations, Flash Reports, and advisories that analyze key findings
  • Ratios Survey: Anin-depth financial benchmarking tool for the printing industry
  • Compensation Survey: Information on how you compare with your competition regarding compensation for management and administrative positions; compensation for employees in prepress, pressroom, and bindery; and your benefits package
  • Sheetfed Productivity Benchmarks Survey: Data regarding various aspects of production, including job profiles, makeready times, run lengths, run speeds, and non-chargeable time

Economic Reports
These reports offer analysis and insights and are built on the raw data and statistics released by the U.S. government or generated from Printing Industries of America. The reports include:

Industry Statistics
Printing Industries of America’s Economic and Market Research Department offers the following statistics regarding the printing industry.

The industry includes:

  • Commercial Printing (General Commercial, Quick, Magazine, Newspaper, Book, Financial/Legal, Screen, and Thermography)
  • Form, Label, and Tag Printing (Business Forms, Label/Wrapper, and Tag/Ticket/Tape Printing)
  • Greeting Card Printing
  • Specialty Printing
  • Packaging Printing
  • Trade Services (Prepress Services, Trade Binding, and Other Finishing Services) 

Industry Overview 2008: 


$166.6 Billion





Industry Composition: Shipments by Sector ($Billions):

Commercial Printing: 


Form, Label, and Tag:


Greeting Card Printing:


Specialty Printing:


Packaging Printing:


Trade Services:


“The Fine Print” PR Toolkit
This is a member-only resource. Printing Industries of America members can access the toolkit by clicking here (member log-in required).

(link to the following member-only page)
“The Fine Print” PR Toolkit
This toolkit can be used to convey the value of print and counteract negative statements from the media and objections to print by the consumer.

Download PDFs of these resources by clicking on the following links:

For more information about Printing Industries of America’s Economics and Market Research Department, visit or call 800-910-4283, ext. 756.

Published on Monday, January 24, 2011 (updated 05/30/2014)